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About Through the Maelstrom

In early 2020, I began the process of writing personal music in a “soundtrack” style that I could imagine being used to score a film (although I didn’t have a specific film in mind).  As I completed more and more compositions, I came to realize the music was a reflection of my personal feelings and moods in response to what was happening around the world, like a musical diary. I wrote about fear and anxiety, I wrote about civil conflict and the deluge of migrants certain locales in the world were experiencing, and I wrote about bravery and hope.  Earlier this year, I reflected on all the music I had produced as a collection, and I discerned that it told a story; it was a sonic voyage from darkness, through tumult and uncertainty, into light, and thus I decided to release this material as the album Through the Maelstrom.

Through the Maelstrom features music that blends elements of orchestral, choral, rock, and electronic/synth music, similar in approach to a modern film or TV soundtrack. There is quieter, introspective music that utilizes soft strings, synthesizers and sinuous harmonic progressions, and louder, more direct music that unleashes the full power of the orchestra accompanied by thunderous percussion. The album takes the listener on a journey through dark and brooding moods, through tumultuous episodes, and into feelings of bravery and hope.


Eximus Through the Maelstrom Special Edition album art

Through the Maelstrom in lossless audio

For all you audiophiles, I'm making a Special Edition version of Through the Maelstrom available to purchase consisting of 24-bit 48kHz lossless WAV files. It's available directly from me for a donation of your choice. All proceeds will help me to continue creating and releasing music, so thank you ❤️.

About EX1MUS

EX1MUS (pronounced "eximus") is a music artist hailing from the fair green isle of Ireland who now calls California home. They endeavor to create music free from unwarranted societal constraints and expectations. Their music blends elements of orchestral, choral, rock, and electronic music, but is ultimately unconstrained in style and instrumentation.